Preparing your document for upload.


Adobe Illustrator
Export your files from Adobe Illustrator as PDF using the same export settings as InDesign. See Below.

Adobe InDesign
Linked files should be converted to CMYK. All color in the color palette should be converted to CMYK prior to PDF creation.

Adobe Photoshop
Images should be converted to CMYK and can be saved as PDF, TIFF or JPEG file formats. Make sure you include bleed in the image size. For instance a typical business card is 3.5 x 2”. The correct image size would be 3.75 x 2.25”. Keep in mind that this extra area will be cut away.


Export a PDF


For the purposes of this demonstration We’ll be using InDesign to create and export a PDF to upload to WestWind Print & Digital. Once you create or install the PDF settings those settings are available to all programs that can export PDF’s including Illustrator and Photoshop.
Go to the file menu and select “Export”


Export Adobe PDF
Once you select “Export” you will be presented with a window “Export Adobe PDF” There are 7 tabs “General, Compression, Marks and Bleed, Output, Advanced, Security and Summary. Follow the instructions below to create and save a PDF preset.



There are two options to select in the General tab. The first is selecting “Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3). This ensures compatibility with our server. The second is selecting the page range. When uploading your files for printing you will need to separate the front and back page. For a two page document select the “Range” radio button and enter “1” and export the PDF; repeat for page two. The result should be two PDF files one page in each file.



Compression is an important part of managing file sizes. Compression can be turned off. However, sending files without compression will result in longer upload times. To maximize quality and minimize upload time use the settings shown in the screen capture.




Although most items only require a .0625” (1/16”) bleed there are a few items on the site that require .125” (1/8”) bleed. Don’t worry all items will automatically center and crop to the correct bleed amount when uploaded. Just make sure your artwork bleeds or runs off the edge of the page by 1/8” (.125”). Crop marks or any other marks are okay to use so long as they don’t cause the page to become off center. The best way to prevent this is to just turn the marks off.



PDF’s should contain CMYK only. Images and spot color should be converted to CMYK prior to PDF creation.  The settings above can




The only option in this tab is to select “High Resolution” under Transparency Flattener.





There are no security settings required. Make sure that no options are checked under this tab.

Once these options are set you can save you preset by selecting  “Save Preset” in the lower left corner of the window. The preset will now be available anytime you want to create a PDF without having to remember the settings. The preset is available at the top of the window under the “Adobe PDF Preset” drop down menu.